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Stephanie Sikma (b. 1981, Hamilton, ON) is a formally trained visual artist whose work focuses on relief printmaking.  Carving into a fresh block of linoleum in pursuit of just the right line is her experience of flow. Stephanie’s work celebrates the beauty of the mundane-- from the organic, to heavy industry. Many of her lino prints feature the city of Hamilton and its industrial waterfront, a space where the contrast of organic and industrial shapes makes the ordinary deeply compelling.


In addition to her printmaking, Stephanie works as a Highschool Art Teacher; an ideal occupation because you’re always learning. Her art work has been included in various exhibitions and auctions, and is part of numerous private collections. 

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Linocut Printmaking

Each linocut print is drawn out, hand-carved, and individually hand-printed in Stephanie's studio in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. All limited edition prints are titled, signed, and numbered in pencil. Linocut prints are not digital reproductions. Each print is an original artwork and a hand-crafted product.


The online store is open 24/7 but you can also shop in person. Get in touch to schedule a private studio visit.


Need help finding the perfect artwork? If you have any questions about specific works, sizes, pricing or anything else please reach out via email at


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